If you’re looking for a great electrician, or any contractor, check their reviews.

We live in a time where bad business practices get exposed the minute after they happen. You, as a consumer, have the ability to check up on each and every contractor that you ever want to hire by simply doing a Google search.

Smart companies will address this, do business in a professional manner, and strive to protect their reputations.

It is imperative that you check up on all companies you do business with by:

1) Doing a Google search for the keyword in that area and looking for companies listed nearby in the maps and organic search result right beneath the maps.

2) Check their reviews for numerous, recent, good honest customers reviews and feedback.

3) Avoid companies with only as few reviews even if they have a five star rating.

4) Read new and old reviews and if you are concerned ask the company about a bad review and how they handled it.

These are just a few easy tactics you can use to spy on a local business. We suggest you use them.

There are many other ways to do your own research that you can find online and that we don’t have to go into. But we highly recommend you take the time to perform your due diligence before spending your hard earned money on a company that has not earned the public trust.

Taking the time to do this can be one of the most important decisions you make as a consumer because the information is readily at your fingertips like no other time in history.

Google is the “yellow pages” of yesterday except now you have the ability to look up a company and see what previous customers took the time to say about them.

Use their voice as your compass.